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PSA Express Grading Service with Expert Grading Advice


PSA Express Grading Service with Grading Expert Christian Rivera


We at Buysoccercards are incredibly pleased to announce that we are partnering with Christian (Soccercards310) to start offering a grading service on our website to get a step closer to being a full-service platform for everything soccer cards related. As always, we strive to give the absolute best customer service against the most competitive pricing. Having our HQ located in Oakland California and a satellite office in Los Angeles California gives us a great geographical advantage for our contact with PSA.   


Service level details:

$175 a card for full Express Service Level that includes the inspecting of your card(s) and submission advice from our Grading expert Christan. There is no minimum number of cards you have to submit.


The process is extremely simple:


  1. Submit your order on our webform: You will receive an e-mail where you can fill out the cards you will be sending for submission.

  1. Send the cards to our LA office sleeved and in a card saver and a return shipping label from our LA office to your home or preferred shipping address.

Our LA office address:

Buysoccercards LLC

23135 Madison Street


Torrance, CA 90505

United states of America


  1. Christian will review your cards and gives you personal advice on the condition of the card(s)


  1. PSA submission 


  1. Cards will be sent back to you graded.

After the personal advice from Christian you can choose to submit or not submit your card(s). When you choose to not submit your card(s) you will receive a $150 refund on your order. 


Buysoccercards and Soccercards310 will submit PSA submissions every 1st and 15th of the month. Cards need to be received at least 2 days before the submission date.

If you have any questions about this provided service, please feel free to reach out to us at   


Disclaimer: Buysoccercards LLC cannot guarantee grades, the expert advice is based on our expert knowledge and will be an exceptionally good estimate, but PSA grades can differ from our advices. The shipment date of your order might differ based on PSA turnaround times.



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All soccer cards are shipped in penny sleeves and top loaders and with First Class shipping with tracking! 

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