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Today we will zoom in on Euro 2020 Group F. We will break down the nations Hungary, Portugal, France and Germany and highlight some players to watch! 

We highlighted some players to watch. These are not always the biggest stars on the team, but players we think can make a difference for their team at Euro 2020 based on their performance. This is for good reason considered to be the strongest group, the top 3 teams should be pretty competitive which should give for some great games to watch and Hungary is screwed! 

Here is our expected group finish and some key players for each team! 

1. France

Kylian Mbappé

Karim Benzema

Paul Pogba

Current world champions and in my opinion top contenders to win Euro 2020. It would be incredible for France to win the World Cup and Euro back to back and will put Mbappe on the map as the next one up as Messi and Ronaldo get older and heading towards retirement. Benzema back at France is massive and I think Pogba can make a difference too when he's playing his best. This France team has insane depth and is the team to beat this summer!

2. Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo

Bruno Fernandes

Joao Felix 

There are so many players to highlight in this Portugal team. On of the greatest of all time Cristiano Ronaldo needs a mention and hopefully leads this younger team to great results. Bruno Fernandes had an incredible year at Manchester United and should be able to continue this during Euro 2020. The difference maker in the knock-out phase could be Joao Felix. He was out of form and not used correctly at Atletico Madrid. If he shows off his skills in a more attacking oriented team, it could really make the difference between a quarter final spot or winning it all. Portugal definitely in the mix to win this euro tournament. 

3. Germany

Timo Werner 

Kai Havertz

Thomas Muller

Let me start off with saying that I think Germany will be 3rd in this group and still qualify for the knock-out phase. So we will see all 3 top teams from this group back in the next round of the tournament.. This Germany squad is extremely interesting and hasn't been doing extremely well. I think this is going to change during euro 2020. Muller is back in the squad and can lead youngster like Havertz and Werner to different heights. You are allowed to quote me on this one later on. I think Timo Werner will be the euro 2020 top scorer. I'm not sure if Germany is going to win Euro 2020, but if they reach the knockout phase, be careful and never rule the Germans out. 

4. Hungary

Hungary was extremely happy that they qualified for this Euro tournament, but being put into group F together with France, Portugal and Germany will proof a mission impossible. 

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In our next blog we will go through the full knockout phase as we think it will unfold!  

Please let us know in the comments below who will win this group! Or let us know if we missed a player to watch! 

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All soccer cards are shipped in penny sleeves and top loaders and with First Class shipping with tracking! 

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