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Our final Euro 2020 blog post. In a few day, you do not have to read boring predictions again, but you will be able to watch the real thing! In the meantime, check out our boring Knock-out Phase predictions ;). A lot of thought went into this one, so I think it's extremely accurate!  Let's dive in right a way. With 4 numbers 3 out of the groups qualifying it brings for a nice Round of 16. Let's show of my prediction:

Round of 16: 















Some pretty obvious choices here I think. No real upsets. Turkey and Ukraine probably a very interesting match up and the Netherlands - Germany historically the biggest gam. I just think the Netherlands isn't quite there yet and the current coach is really making it difficult to reach far into the tournament. I see Germany top the Netherlands in this match-up. (yes this hurts me as a Dutchman my self). England-Portugal will be a very big match also, but think there is a more balanced squad on the England side. 

Getting towards the more crazy part of the tournament now.

Quarter Finals: 

These were a lot harder to predict. I wouldn't be surprised with a Turkey or Croatia upset here and those 2 countries I see as options to potentially go all the way to win the euros, but for now Belguim, France, England and Germany (they are germans and have a low key very good team) will proceed to the semi finals. 


Semi Finals: 


Belguim just doesn't quite have enough to top France in this game. Reading their news and latest updates I have the feeling it's already falling apart a little before they even started. Enough class for a semi final spot (if Turkey doesn't surprise them) but not good enough to beat this France team. England has an extremely good attacking team this year that might proof too much for this solid Germany team, but wouldn't be surprised if Croatia-Germany would be a semi final either. 


The Final: 

There we go. No need to watch the games anymore. France to beat England in the final. Unless something goes terribly wrong somewhere in the tournament I don't see anyone else but France winning the tournament. 

Do you agree, slightly disagree or strongly disagree? Would love to hear it in the comments! 

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